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6 reasons to go woodland camping this summer

Today we are covering 6 of the best reasons for choosing a woodland camping option for your adventure this summer:

  1. Woodland camping provides excellent protection from the elements - great when you choose to camp somewhere like Pembrokeshire where the weather can be changeable. The trees lessen the wind - whilst also providing a gorgeous natural soundtrack to your stay and your tents will be protected by branches and foliage.

  2. The secluded nature of a woodland pitch when you camp can really give you a feeling of greater privacy and that immersion into nature that you look forward to when you go camping. We take great pride in the fact that our pitches are well spread out to give privacy here at Eco Escape Campsite and our woodland area, complete with its own toilet, shower and kitchen facilities, adds that extra level of privacy and seclusion that you are looking for when you want to escape the daily grind.

  3. Maximise your feelings of adventure! Woodland camping really does take the level of adventure up a notch - both for kids and adults. Play hide and seek, do some identification of plants, flowers and trees, create your own fairytale adventures all in our woodland!

  4. Each of our woodland pitches comes with a wooden shelter, fire pit, picnic bench and a hammock- all as standard in our pricing. It gives you just a little more flexibility in how you camp - and how you choose to spend your time whilst with us.

  5. It’s becoming more and more popular to “forest bathe”. The concept is very simple; all it means is spending quiet, mindful time in nature to improve your wellbeing. This relaxation practice was developed in Japan, and it invites you to take notice of the natural world, breathe deeply and calm your mind. We know what a stressful couple of years you have had - as have we - and any opportunity to be mindfully in nature and spend time in quiet relaxation is time well spent.

  6. Woodland camping is very much a different experience from traditional camping on an open field, slotted in next to other campers. The opportunity to immerse yourself in a natural experience, close to local amenities and yet feel as though you are hundreds of miles away is one not to be missed.

We have a number of spaces available for woodland camping still available this summer and we would love to welcome you for your woodland campsite experience in Pembrokeshire at Eco Escape. Check availability and book!.

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