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Top tips for packing to go camping with toddlers and young children

Feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of packing up and camping with toddlers and young kids in tow? Don’t be. It is perfectly doable and worth the prep time.

Despite the inevitable demands to take all the teddies and garden toys etc, you really don’t need to take much to entertain them. Sand castles, wave jumping and rock pooling alone at one of our local beaches are enough to keep little ‘uns occupied for hours as they spark curiosity in most children’s minds. They can also explore the woodlands on our campsite, fly a kite in our big open field, or play on the swing and run wild until they tire themselves out.

A bucket, trowel and frisbee would all be good items to pack to bring with you for your beach days, as well as a selection of long-life snack supplies (although we are only a five-minute drive from the supermarket so you can easily grab these when you get here)! If you have a pack of cards you can bring, some easy card games are perfect for an evening around the fire just before bedtime.

In terms of practical items, we would highly recommend a family first aid kit and some extra plasters for any bumps and grazes although we do have an emergency one on site if needed (if you find yourselves in and out of the sea, you may find you need more than usual). If you are going to overpack anything, make it extra clothing and towels. You will need layers to keep warm in the evenings and a supply of dry options for any wet days. We can, of course, point you in the direction of our local laundrette if needed, who will happily wash and dry your kid’s clothes if you don’t want to have the hassle of sorting a big mound out when you get home from your break away.

Depending on the age of your little ones, you may need to consider sterilising kit, a travel cot and a mobile bath (we have two larger than usual shower cabins on site specifically to make showering and changing the little ones easier, so you can use your mobile bath in these).

And, because it is 2021 and no amount of willpower can stop them, a charger suitable for the car for any electronic items they just can’t be separated from for a whole week (but don’t panic – because whilst we are off-grid, we will have our brand new solar powered phone charger up and running this summer for your use as well)!

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