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The Top 5 Can’t Be Missed Best Beaches in Pembrokshire & South Wales

One of the things we take pride in here at Eco Escape Campsite is having multiple amazing beaches in Pembrokeshire and across South Wales. When you are camping with us this summer, a dip in the sea and a bit of sunbathing on the beach is an essential day out and will be very welcome for the whole family!

So in no particular order here are our top 5 list of beaches in Pembrokeshire to visit whilst you are here!

1. Ogmore Beach, Vale of Glamorgan

Ogmore Beach, Vale of Glamorgan - Best Beaches in Pembrokeshire

Located along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, Ogmore-by-Sea is a popular shingle and sand beach. The mouth of the River Ogmore flows over the beach and into the sea, welcoming wildlife along the way making it fascinating for children.

The beach is also dog-friendly (year round), allowing for your four legged friend to play on the sands and have a paddle in the sea. The beach also boasts a lifeguard service, making it a great and extra safe place for a family trip.

2. Rhossili Bay Beach, Gower Peninsula

Rhossili Bay Beach, Gower Peninsula

The National Trust protected three-mile-long sandy shoreline of Rhossili Bay lies on the southwestern tip of the Gower Peninsula. This fantastic beach, often described as one of the best beaches in South Wales, UK and even nominated as one of the top ten beaches in the world.

As a well exposed beach in Wales and picking up swells from the Atlantic Ocean, surfing is becoming a very popular activity here. If you are a surfer this is the perfect beach for you!

The seashore here is also noted for it’s landmarks including The Helvetica which was shipwrecked there in 1887 and can be seen when the tide is out. Very cool and an excellent fuel for the imagination when playing with your family in the sand! At low tide the more brave beachgoer can cross a rock causeway to the tidal island of Worms Head. (Please undertake this activity with caution and take care to know your tide times).

3. Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

Barafundle Bay, a small but exquisitely formed beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast and considered one of the UK’s most exotic beaches!

This little bay is backed by dunes and pine trees and is about a half-mile walk from the nearest car park and facilities. With golden sands and beautiful waves, Barafundle has been awarded one of the best beaches in Britain and the globe! Everything you take with you must be returned up the cliffs and of course, you must be aware of your accessibility needs before you visit here.

4. Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula

The Three Cliffs Beach, Swansea is a picturesque, sandy beach bordered by three limestone cliffs with a beautiful shoreline of sand dunes, marsh, and rock pools making it a perfect visit for inquisitive children (and big kids too of course). Stop for a rest at this awe-inspiring spot along the Welsh Coastal Path for a scenic picnic and some wildlife spotting.

Three Cliffs is one of the most photographed spots in Gower, with the Pennard Pill stream flowing along the beach and aerial shots from the cliffs. Perfect for all our budding amateur photographers! The Three Cliffs Beach has been cited as both Britain’s best beach and Britain’s best view on multiple occasions. Definitely worth a visit!

5. Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire

Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire

Also dubbed the Harry Potter beach for the famous scene with Dobby the House Elf, Freshwater West Beach, is a long stretch of sand spearheaded by Broomhill Burrows’ robust dune system. It’s a fascinating location with a rich history where smugglers used to hide their loot. Another one to spark the imagination!

Situated on Wales’ exposed west coast, Freshwater West Beach captures all of the Atlantic swells, making it another prominent surfing spot. This wonderful hotspot is recognised as a filming location for films including Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, Their Finest, and as we already mentioned Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

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