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Great family days out in Pembrokeshire

Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort

We all love an adventure - even as adults and feel like we can’t admit it. But Castell Henllys Iron Age Fort will allow you to get in touch with your adventurous side and transport you back in time. Archaeological excavation of the site has enabled the National Park Authority to realistically reproduce life as it was over 2000 years ago. You can dress yourself up as a Celtic warrior, complete with war paint and have fun ambushing a rival tribe!

To continue the adventurous spirit and really engage your imagination, Pembrokeshire has some absolutely stunning castles to visit - jump in and pretend to battle dragons, become knights of the realm and rescue those in distress! Click on the link here to get more information and take your pick!

Bring yourself back up to date into the 21st century, you can cover yourself head to foot in camouflage gear and zap your friends and family with lasers at or hurl yourself around a go-kart track at Carew or West Wales Karting and Heatherton.

Manor House Wildlife Park Pembrokeshire

For little ones, and big ones, it has to be or Manor House Wildlife Park. Adventure playgrounds; up close animal encounters with lemurs; eye to eye with a giraffe and a vintage funfair. Guaranteed fun.

As always if you visit any of these places we would absolutely love to hear about your experiences and see any fun photos you would like to share with us - we want our recommendations to be the best and we get that awesome information from you!

Also if you have any other ideas for great family days out in Pembrokeshire then please let us know so that we can share with the rest of our campers.

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