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Eco Escape Campsite: Your Perfect Base for Surfing in Pembrokeshire

Surfing in Pembrokeshire

Surfers, it's time to catch the perfect wave! Pembrokeshire, home to some of the UK's most renowned surf spots, is calling your name. And there's no better place to stay than Eco Escape Campsite, where we combine the thrill of surfing with eco-friendly camping.

Located in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Eco Escape offers a one-of-a-kind camping experience, providing an ideal base for surfers of all levels. Here's why Eco Escape is your perfect choice:

1. Proximity to Best Surfing Spots

Eco Escape is conveniently situated near many of the top surfing spots in Pembrokeshire, such as

a. Whitesands Bay

Situated near St. Davids, Whitesands Bay is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Wales. Its consistent waves make it suitable for surfers of all levels. When the swell and winds align, you can enjoy some really epic rides here. Plus, the backdrop of the cliffs and hills adds to the magnificent scenery.

b. Freshwater West

Known for its strong surf, Freshwater West has hosted several surfing competitions. This beach is not for the faint-hearted and is better suited to more experienced surfers. It is a sandy beach that often delivers powerful waves, providing an excellent ground for those looking to improve their skills.

c. Newgale Beach

Spanning nearly two miles, Newgale Beach offers something for every surfer. The beach break here offers consistent surf, and there's a great local surf school if you're looking to improve your skills. It's also a wonderful spot for kite surfing if the wind picks up.

d. Manorbier Bay

Manorbier Bay is loved by locals and offers a relaxed vibe. The waves here are not as intense as other spots, making it a great place for beginners. Manorbier Castle overlooking the bay adds a touch of historical charm to your surf adventure.

e. Broad Haven South

Located near Bosherton, Broad Haven South provides a quieter surfing experience, surrounded by breathtaking cliffs and dunes. The surf here can be excellent, and it's often less crowded than some other spots in Pembrokeshire.

f. Abermawr Beach

For those looking for an isolated and tranquil experience, Abermawr Beach is the perfect place. Known for its pebble banks and occasional great surf, this spot can be a hidden gem when the conditions are right. It's an excellent place to connect with nature and enjoy the surf in a more peaceful environment.

2. Eco-Friendly Camping

We take pride in offering an eco-friendly camping experience. From solar-powered showers to recycling facilities, Eco Escape ensures a minimal carbon footprint without compromising on comfort. Enjoy the beauty of nature responsibly and help preserve it for future generations.

3. Surfing Community Vibe

Meet fellow surf enthusiasts round the campfire and share your best wave stories over a meal. We create a vibrant and friendly atmosphere where you can connect with like-minded individuals.

4. Relaxing After Surf

After a thrilling day of surfing, unwind in our natural woodland setting. Our campsite offers unique accommodations like our woodland camping zone - perfect for being immersed in nature. Relax, rejuvenate, and be ready for another day of epic surf.

5. Explore More

Pembrokeshire is not just about surfing. Take a break from the waves and explore the beautiful hiking trails, historical sites like Manorbier Castle, or other water sports like kite surfing. Eco Escape places you right at the heart of all these adventures.

Planning Your Surfing in Pembrokeshire Trip

Before heading out to any of these spots, it's always a good idea to check the local surf reports and follow local guidelines and regulations. Some beaches may have lifeguard services, while others may not. Equipment rental and surf schools are available at many of these locations if you need guidance or gear.

Eco Escape Campsite offers a unique blend of surfing excitement and eco-conscious living. Our convenient location, friendly community vibe, and commitment to sustainability make us the ideal choice for surfers visiting Pembrokeshire.

Join us at Eco Escape and experience the joy of riding the Welsh waves, without leaving a mark on our beautiful planet. Book your stay now and make your surfing trip to Pembrokeshire a memorable and responsible adventure.

Catch the wave, preserve the Earth! 🏄‍♂️🌿

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