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Car-Free Travel on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path - The Coastal Bus Service

Pembrokeshire Coastal Bus Services are local services that travel along the coast to access walks, beaches, boat trips, local villages and attractions.

They help both locals and visitors get to and around the coast without the use of a car- perfect if you are maximising the eco in your camping adventure! You can use the coastal buses for both going to and getting back from, or simply use the bus for your outward journey and walk back to your destination.

This enables you to walk the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in one direction without having to retrace your steps.

All coastal buses operate on a ‘Hail and Ride’ basis in rural areas, so all you have to do is signal to the driver to stop. Passengers can be picked up or set down at any point along the bus route – providing it is safe to do so.

For timetables and the latest information :

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