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5 Reasons Why the Castles of Pembrokeshire are a Great Family Day Out

From fairy tale castles to fortresses and ruins, Pembrokeshire has it all. A trip to one of the many local castles is a great way to spend time as a family. Here are our top reasons why:

(1) Hours of entertainment for your kids – whether you visit the large Pembroke Castle or the smaller ruins of St Govan’s Chapel, there will be plenty on offer to keep your little ones entertained for hours. You can walk the grounds, search for evidence of dragons, defend your own turret or imagine you’re a princess trapped and needing rescuing – its all on offer!

(2) Feed their imagination – what better a way to get their imagination going? Kings, queens, dragons and battles, the list is endless and as an adult writing this, I’m sure I couldn’t even begin to imagine some of the fun games they can come up with to play back at the campsite!

(3) Learn about history – arguably the best way to teach them is when they don’t know they’re having a lesson! Keep an eye on the website for some of the larger venues as there are often special events and historical re-enactments for children.

(4) Suitable for all ages – if you have older kids or are visiting with your partner, you can simply take in the splendour of the buildings, marvel at how the remains are still standing or at some sites, enjoy a cake and coffee in the café/shop.

(5) Dog Friendly – it goes without saying that a castle is one of the most family friendly places to visit with your little knights and dragon slayers, but Pembroke Castle and Carew Castle are also dog-friendly too. Enjoy and let us know where you went and what your favourite part was!

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